How secure is the Password Vault

While no web site or application is completely secure, I have taken many steps to secure this system. With that said the Password Vault is most secure if it is not publicly accessible. However, if needed it can be publicly accessible and all the security features enabled.

  1. Login Captcha
  2. Brute Force Auto Blacklist
  3. Auto Logout
  4. Combination Lock


Yes, the Combination Lock is not just a picture it is the first line of defense. You can create a combo code from 4 to 10+ numbers for the combination. Next up Brute Force Auto Blacklist, each time a visitor goes to the login page there IP address is entered into the blacklist if a login attempt is made the count starts, after 5 (Default setting) attempts are made the login form is inaccessible and no further attempts can be made. The Auto logout if enabled well remember the last page you were on, and go to a lock page, to login simply put in your password and off you go. I have also made usernames and passwords complex to prevent a user form using weak usernames and passwords. But no matter how secure the password vault is, weak server security can allow hackers to access your data.