The Combination Lock

What is it and how does it work? 

The Combination Lock is made up using a unique blend of HTML5, Javascript and PHP. The way to use it is very simple. During the installation process you must put in a combination this can be 4 or more numerical digits. To unlock the combination you must click on the digits of the combination, as an example the combination is 87698, simply click on 8,7,6,9,8 then click on *, at this point the form will post and combine all digits as 1, last click on #, this will encript the code form 87698 to something like V3pCWVhCdWMrbFo2anZYdUp3d0poUT09, last is the encripted value is compaird to your code stored in the database and the Combination Lock is unlocked.

After this you will now see the login form, enter your usename and password and your in!